Lynn Sevigny

~ Illustrator ~

(401) 437-0769


About the Artist

I aLynn Sevigny Illustratorm first an illustrator in a world overflowing with inspiration from Nature, Humor, Nostalgia, and Commemoration. I design gift ware, create murals, ornaments, illustrations and custom commissions.

Self-taught, I enjoy working in several mediums. Whimsical, colorful, black and white creations come from my desk to complete the 'Big Picture' for my clients and associates. Naivism seems to be a genre I have taken hold of mostly. You can see this style when you look at 'Winter's Magic' when I captured the historic Riverside Looff Carousel at night covered in a snowy blanket under a royal blue sky with the crescent moon above.

I have celebrated being published in several national and local publications with my freelance illustrations. I have also been a product designer at a Rhode Island-based manufacturing company since 1996.

Jewelry has captured my attention with its universal appeal as symbolism and its contagious, thought-provoking motifs and design elements. A simple bouquet of acanthus leaves can be drawn into a crescent shape and be developed into a beautiful story of adornment.

Wearing jewelry one loves, is like choosing a 'birthmark' that can be subtle or an evocative decoration.

I will continue to enjoy the beauty around us all, while fusing what we love into jewelry we can wear. I live in Riverside, Rhode Island, happily surrounded by the ebb and flow of our sparkling coastlines.
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