Artist BIO

Lynn Sevigny

     is a Rhode Island artist, inspired by the coastal tides and changing seasons of

her native state.  Her distinctive artwork features magic realism, whimsical detail

and colorful characters.  As a concept artist, she favors nostalgic, "memory-making images."

Her Christmas and museum-quality designs have won their places in annual collections

in the American marketplace for more than 20 years.  Experienced in product  development,

with knowledge of specific manufacturing standards, Lynn has also designed giftware, 

novelty ,and fashion jewelry, and glassware motif application.  Her certified Photoshop skills 

enhance her greeting card, book and editorial illustrations, for clients and happy sales~

 The mural in the photo, was painted by Lynn in 2006, a request of the East Providence Carousel Park Commission, as a recreation of the actual, circa~1920 photo souvenir prop. It is located inside 

the National Historic site, Charles I.D.Looff Carousel, in Riverside, Rhode Island.

 Lynn believes, "Various interests inform each other," and ideas ebb and flow, 

when one loves his work.


Swimming lessons

I Did it My Way


Lesson 1: 

If you don't get it right the first time, keep rockin' until you do.

Nursing School vs. Medical Illustration


Lesson 2:

If you have to choose between art, and the healing arts, follow your heart....and maybe draw it as well!

My First Gallery


Lesson 3:

In making it over the hill, always remember the trip, gratefully.

~Concept design to product

Jaeger Sterling Overlay˙®


Motif "stories" applied to selected glassware, crystal , cobalt and Rynne China, for a successful Tabletop Show @ 225 5th Avenue~

Danbury Mint® Collectibles


Drawing the famous m&m's at their favorite hobbies,  developing quotes, while adhering to product guidelines for 3D figurine collection~

International Etching, Inc.,for WNC Gift Store


Architectural Illustration presented for approval, then on it's way to being one of many golden-glistening, commemorative ornaments~

Art is always "in season,"so circle back!

Many Moons Ago, and Just Yesterday~

As an illustrator and graphic design professional with a 25 year creative career, spanning advertising, 3D design, concept design and marketing.  

Freelance interests include: Greeting card design and Children's Market-Books, magazines and product branding.

I enjoyed in-house product design @ International Etching, Inc./ TwoHands, Inc. 1996-2018

Selected current and past Clients include:  – The Dunn Foundation, MBI, Inc., Danbury Mint, M.F.Foley,  Inc., Lobster Pot, Inc., Van Busch Fine Jewelry Design, Blount Fine Foods, Inc., The American Society of Professional Graphologists, Rhode Island Hospitality Association, Salt Marsh Realty Group, City of East Providence Carousel Commission, The Abacus Group,  Metascience Foundation, McKay's Furniture, Save the Bay, Cerrito Jewelry, Pavel of Brooklyn Jewelry/QVC,  Hasbro Herald, Codex News, Merlyn's Pen, The Learning Connection, Jaeger Industries, Inc., Phoebe's Seafood Restaurant, The Wharf Tavern, The HOT Club, Texas Instruments-Attlegram, Brown University-OMA, East Bay Dining Guide, and more earlier on the path~

Current Book Illustrations-"WIZARD_The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla, Biography of a Genius"   Marc J. Seifer, Phd., 

"The Definitive Book of Handwriting Analysis" Marc J. Seifer,Phd., 

"The Man Who Harnessed Niagra Falls" Marc J. Seifer,Phd.

"Foley Fish Cookbook" Laura Foley Ramsden~

Custom designs created for: I. Magnin, Jack Nicklaus, Inc., Jacobson's,Mayor's Bloomingdales, Belk's, and GUMPS. 

My field of "work" is a gift to me, not only because of the zen it brings; but because artistry has introduced me to SO many incredible people, and for THAT I am very grateful. Some of my early clients and associates are now friends, and vise versa.  I want to continue making smiles and bringing out the "Verve" in my illustrations, and a bit of satire on the side!   I look forward to working with you, on that great idea! 

"The Anxiety is unbearable. I only hope it lasts forever."  Oscar Wilde


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