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Coastal drawing~


Drawing attention to only a few of our favorite places, ocean-sides and historical spaces. Colored pencil pen & ink with some digital enhancements.

Such a production!


A few memorable commissions of a theatrical nature, as playbook and book cover art introduce the theme behind the curtain, and in between the covers.

Medically speaking..


The exciting discoveries in the world of medicine have been enabled by medical illustration; whereas it can be easily manipulated for particular studies. I enjoy working between the lines.

Art of Gold...


A selected collection of renderings drawn to scale for client approval prior to production of distinctive 24kt commemorative ornament collection~

©2018International Etching,Inc.

Animal Lover


When drawing animals to "animorphs," or vise versa, the first thing to accentuate are the eyes, in my opinion. The eyes are the mirror of the character, or the caricature! Animal lovers all are we!

In Black & White


What is usually the first phase in making art, the technique, the fine line or the stippling dot, is sometimes enough. Always thankful for the "copy machines" that let the original be, and onward to color "the copy!"

Pen & Ink


My first medium-from a quill pen and a bottle of ink, then onto Rapidograph sets, and refills to Microns & on & on~

Pen line love through thick & thin!

Celebration & Stardom!


 These radiant emblems are symbolic and celebratory while representing and decorating our special days. Ornaments makes our hearts dance~

Logos, Brands & Beacons


I am happy to have been commissioned by several local establishments and businesses. Here are some of the most colorful and familiar, through the years.

"If you want to sell it,


...put a bird on it!"  I took this as great advice during product development meeting 20 years ago...Trends are insightful, and a chance you take!

Under the Sea


Oceans, et al...... Forever inspired by the treasured element that surrounds us, and more so, WHAT is below "see level?!" 

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